Important Note: What Happens BEFORE Emotional Clearing?

3 min readMay 1, 2021


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I wrote about what you can expect after having an emotional clearing session with me (What Happens After Emotional Clearing).

Each person is unique and will go through different healing processes. What I’m writing here is about what you should expect before each follow up clearing session, based on my observation and feedback received from MOST of my clients.

The most common symptom is emotional outburst at least ONE WEEK before the date of clearing, followed by at least one week after the clearing is done.

One week before, and one week after.

Usually, the person being cleared will be very angry or very sad or both; feeling flustered or anxious; or in extreme cases they will go through a temper tantrum. Some also reported they would see, hear or smell something that is not there.

These normally happens on top of experiencing a more intense version of the symptoms or ailment/issue you are clearing at the moment.

Why this is very important for you to take note is so that you do not have to panic, and more importantly know what to do during this situation.

Another reason why this is important is because, usually what also happens is your loved ones, especially the ones you are closest to, tend to experience the same things. Because they are so close to you, they have been transferring and exchanging energies with you.

Have you ever heard about husbands getting morning sickness instead of or along with their wives? That’s basically the same thing I’m talking about here.

So next time when you know your next follow up clearing, take note of the date. Mark it on your calendar — a week before the date, up to a week after the clearing date: “Expect the worst emotional outbursts. Stay Calm. Remember this is a good sign that clearing is taking place.”

If you are the one who is being cleared, it’s good to let your loved ones know so that they can prepare. If you are doing a clearing for your loved ones, it’s important that you prepare yourself and remind yourself that negative reactions are expected.

A lot of times when clients are doing a clearing for their loved ones, they make the mistake of looking forward for the negative attitudes to disappear. So after a few sessions of clearing, when they see the symptom still showing up or showing its worst, they get upset and discouraged.

The way for all emotional energies to get out of the body, is for them to be felt, experienced and seen first. If it’s not there, it can’t be released. The fact that you see them is a proof that they are coming out as a release.

Often these emotional outbursts get so intense that arguments and fighting can occur. > Avoid making any rash or important life decisions during this moment!

It’s always easy to forget that you are still in the midst of clearing process, and to forget that negative feelings and emotional outbursts are not a bad thing. Once you start intending to have yourself cleared and healed, you should expect these intense emotions to show up.

Having someone by your side who knows and understands this whole thing is very helpful in your healing journey.

So please, remember your clearing dates, and highlight one week before and after the date to prepare mentally. Let all “adversities” come up and let us welcome it with love and deep understanding. Just hold a loving space and observe it with love. Don’t take anything personally and practice using your willpower to remind yourself that there is nothing to resist or accept. There’s only you (or the person being cleared), and some deep emotions coming out.

Just let it be.




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya