What Happens After Emotional Clearing?

3 min readApr 9, 2018

You may feel worse before feeling better. Deep emotions, feelings and traumas that have been suppressed may come back or exacerbate before they gradually vanish. For the unresolved emotions to clear, it needs to pass through you. When these past emotions reemerge, it may lead to sadness, anger, fear or depression. If these are the emotions you feel after or while going through an emotional clearing treatment, be rest assured that they are normal. Do not panic or blame yourself for it. The most important thing to do during a healing process is to just let the emotions be.

Emotional release as a healing symptom

Those emotions have long been trapped and repressed. Probably during your childhood. We know there are parents who won’t even allow their children to cry as loud as they want. Sometimes this could lead to the emotions being trapped for so many years. In extreme cases, these emotions developed into chronic physical symptoms without the bearer knowing it.

Different stroke for different folks. For some people, they would experience instant relief followed by emergence (or reemergence) of some negative emotions. Sometimes, they are attracted to circumstances and events in life that occur to trigger and encourage deep emotions to be released. Many clients shared how, after some clearing sessions, something happened and made them cry loads when they never or rarely have such experience before.

Some healing reactions may appear as fever, cough, flu fatigue, cold, and many other physical symptoms. This is especially so for long due unresolved emotions or emotional issues that have evolved into a physical ailment. That’s why drinking a lot of water and having more rest is highly encouraged while going through a healing process.

Usually, the body would heal in the opposite way. For example, your illness started with anger and ended up with persisting fever. Healing usually takes place with the fever going off first, followed by a series of emotional release associated to the anger.

Stages of Healing Reactions to Expect after Emotional Clearing:

First stage: Improvement and reduction or elimination of the symptoms;

Second stage: Return of some symptoms for a period of time. Sometimes good days and bad days take their turns repeatedly. This is where past negative emotions or some physical symptoms reappear. It is a sign that healing is taking effect. Remember, emotional clearing is a process. There is no magic.

Third stage: This is the time when you feel hopeless. Your symptoms appear longer than you feel it should and it seems as though nothing would ever change for the better. I have clients who gave up their follow up treatment and quit in the midst of healing due to not understanding this stage. At this stage, patience is key. Those who do not understand this process would settle with the preconceived idea of “maybe this is just who I am”. This is wrong because if it is true, that healing will not take place even at the beginning. (See permission healing). Even if healing is not possible, it doesn’t and it will never mean that your symptoms or problem or issue or emotion is who you are. It would only mean you may have chosen to go through such an experience in your life to learn some life lessons in a hard way.

Fourth stage: Gaining of insights or a breakthrough. This is the time when you realised you no longer have the usual symptoms or they have lightened. You become calmer and more peaceful. When emotional blocks are removed, you will find yourself doing new things or having a new kind of positive energy. Sometimes, old suppressed dreams may resurface. You will generally feel happier or at least you will feel neutral at the same things that once upset you.

Depending on the issue you are clearing, these stages may recur in a cycle until all associated problems are wiped out.

Hope this helps! :-)

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