House Energy Clearing

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I would like to share some of my experiences with house clearing. I started offering this service after discovering that the house itself can be one of the root causes of disharmony and certain ailments.

It’s always fascinating to identify something in the house that requires clearing and then have the owner affirm and share how they can relate to it.

During a house clearing session at a client’s place, I came across a wall decor that seemed to possess some sort of “foreign” energy. As it turned out, the owner later confirmed that it had indeed been brought from overseas by someone.

In another instance, I detected a strong energy misalignment in the bedroom. The bed was positioned in a way that the headrest coincided with a geopathic stress line. I advised the owner to change the bed’s position to avoid this energy disturbance while sleeping. She immediately agreed and confirmed that she always slept better when she followed the suggested position.

In another case, I had a sense of cats and perceived energies associated with them, even though there were no pets in the house. It turned out that the previous homeowner had indeed kept cats in the house.

While checking the kitchen in another house clearing recently, everything seemed fine except for one appliance that had a strong emotional energy and entities attached to it. So I cleared it, and when I informed the owner afterward, she confirmed that there had been a problem when they were deciding to acquire it, which led to a heated argument.

After completing the clearing, as usual, I would receive some messages as part of the process. In one of these houses, I had difficulty understanding the message as all I received was the word “children.” I usually prompt my clients to share more information if they have any, to help me better understand the message. I was then informed that the owner had some concerns about having children in the house. With this information, I was able to probe further and true to form, it conveyed that this issue could lead to conflict, disharmony, and the creation of emotional energies in the house sometime in the future. It also provided simple advice on what could be done about it.

Another interesting aspect of house clearing is discovering the reasons behind the need for clearing certain areas or appliances. Initially, these reasons may not make sense, but as we uncover them, they become clear.For example, during another remote house clearing (where I energetically clear the house without physically being there), I detected spirits attached to some electrical appliances in the kitchen. The client informed me that these appliances were either never used or rarely used. It appeared illogical at first because, as we know, spirits are drawn to electrical appliances due to the electrical charges they emit.However, we figured that the appliances were still plugged into the socket, which means they were indeed some energy consumption. It is also interesting to note that this phenomenon is commonly known as “phantom load” or “vampire energy.” Phantom load refers to the consumption of electricity by electronic devices or appliances that are plugged into an outlet even when they are turned off.

In some cases, some “remedies” will show up to improve or maintain the energy in the house. For instance, I detected a particular crystal that needed to be placed at the doorway of the house. When I eventually visited the house, I checked the energy alignment using a neutral pendulum (some of you who have taken my dowsing course would be familiar with this), and it turned out that the exact area in the hallway was misaligned. I corrected it and informed the owner about what could be done to maintain and protect the energy.

The area in front of the main door is where energy flows in and out. This is perhaps why older generations liked to leave their doors open for airflow. However, I understand that living in an HDB flat in Singapore, especially if your main door faces an entire corridor, it’s not always convenient to keep the door open.

In some cases, certain members of a household may also affect the overall house energy and therefore some members would usually need a clearing as well. The purpose of house clearing, in general, is to remove energy blockages and prevent anything that may cause disharmony and a lack of peace.

House clearing can involve a general clearing, which is recommended when moving into a house. If not a general clearing, it could address specific issues such as recurring missing objects, family conflicts, or constantly feeling low energy when in the house, among others.

I once cleared a business premise where many instances of peculiar phenomena were reported by different workers. It had been happening for quite some time. One incident involved a worker claiming to have felt a tap on their shoulder, despite there being no one around.

After the clearing was conducted, I followed up with them a few months later, and they informed me that nobody saw or heard anything peculiar anymore. The clearing was done remotely. (Read “Eliminating “Ghosts” Just by Clearing Emotions?”)

House clearing can be done for both newly built houses or buildings and those that have been previously occupied. Even if the house is new, the energy may not be “new”. The land on which a house stands has its own history and energy. In one of the new homes I cleared, it turned out that the piece of land on which the house was built has a strong anger energy that came from former inhabitants of the land.

This implies that when you engage in house clearing, you are not only clearing the energy within the house but also purifying the land itself. In the case of apartments or flats, you are also contributing to the clearing of energies from the occupants above and below you, the previous owner who has departed but may still be energetically connected to the house, and even the future inhabitants of the house. By undertaking a house clearing, you are extending a helping hand to others, just as you would do for your own family, ancestors, and descendants when you do a deep energy clearing for yourself. It is a comprehensive act of clearing that benefits not only yourself but also those connected to the house in various ways.




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya