Clearing Blockages to Abundance

5 min readDec 28, 2021


One of the root causes of financial hardships and challenges is energy blockages. In fact, if we understand that everything is made up of energies, then we can say those are the only cause of lack of abundance.

There are many forms of energy blockages and one of the deepest is ancestral curse. Other common energy blockages are chakra blockages, mental blockages such as limiting beliefs, past life traumas and vows.

Abundance blockages appeared for me as an ancestral curse. I had to do several rounds of deep, root-cause energy clearing to spot the blocks to the flow and clear them.

Having abundance blockages doesn’t necessarily mean you live in poverty. It usually manifests as having to work too hard for money for a very long time; always having a lot of expenses; money always goes as soon as it comes in; or simply having to live thinking about money issues or work all the time.

Ancestral curse simply means a memory pattern stored in the DNA. “You carry your ancestors with you” is evident here. You carry their genes, their unresolved emotional traumas, and their beliefs. This can be altered, healed or corrected. It doesn’t mean our ancestors are bad or to be blamed. We each came here to serve. Challenges and hardships help us discover our power and talents to overcome them. If there are no hardships or challenges in your life, how else would you know for sure that you have what it takes to help yourself and others to overcome them?

We don’t only carry shit from our ancestors. We carry their love, power and wisdom too. So, I would rather call it ancestral gift rather than ancestral curse.

There was a time I meditated and asked for guidance about a physical cure I knew I needed but couldn’t tell what, for my throat. Not long after I saw my late grandmother in my dream, presenting to me a beautiful ‘bouquet’ of cloves. I recalled living with her for the first 9 years of my life, watching her munching on her cloves every single day. She would eat them raw just like eating nuts and I would sometimes join her. She was beautiful and healthy, and she always smelled heavenly without using any perfumes. I’m not sure if it was due to the cloves but I could not think of any other reason.

Both my maternal and paternal grandparents and great grandparents lived in financial hardship. On my maternal side, it was a repeated event of foreign traders marrying locals, and left the wives with their children when they returned to their country of origin. So they had all been programmed to live in financial struggles. On my paternal side, it was a family migration cycle, looking for a better livelihood. Both my parents lived as one of the poorest in their neighbourhoods.

I learned about their struggles as well as all their success stories. I saw this recurring pattern: unending struggle. This is what I had been carrying in me unknowingly for the most part of my life.

The clearing I did for myself to uncover this ancestral gift required layers of peeling on all levels and dimensions of self. Towards the end of my Vision Quest, I was guided on what to do and to take certain actions that scared me. These actions are huge for me but I deeply understand that they serve as “remedies” and answers to my quest to evolve into full soul consciousness which has to inevitably include abundance consciousness.

One of the actions I was called to take is to offer one intensive Abundance Energy clearing for one soul. I’m looking for someone who has been struggling financially or feel continuously burdened and blocked in abundance regardless of hard work.

If you happen to read this and you feel you need this clearing, or if you know someone in need, you are invited to apply here. I will open the application from today until 9th January 2022, and I will choose one person through intuitive dowsing.

This abundance energy clearing will detect blockages in your energy field, from as low as physical level to as deep as soul levels. As I have always shared in my blog posts and events, I do not send energies or entities to your energetic bodies or your soul. What I do is only clearing blockages to your energy flow, and in this case, the flow of abundance. Healing and flow will take place naturally as the blocks are removed.

What to expect from abundance energy clearing? You may expect a flow of abundance in any form such as the flow of ideas, confidence, creativity, people, opportunities, strength, energy to move and make things happen, and even money. What you will get depends on where you are now i.e. how many layers of blockages need to be cleared.

Just like all other deep energy clearing sessions, your clearing may need several rounds of clearing and for this one offer I will be giving, all sessions will be free. The only catch is I need to hear your progress and you must be willing to commit to actions to take throughout the clearing process. It may take a few weeks or more than a year, depending on the severity of your case.

You do not need to do anything except be present and commit to recommended actions to take, and to follow up clearings till the end. More information on how this will be done will be communicated with you if you are selected for this offer. Apply here.

If you’re not selected, don’t be upset. Not everyone needs abundance energy clearing. When you apply, I will check to see if you need it. You can also benefit from my new monthly event where I teach self-healing and guided intention healing. You are welcome to join Group Intention Healing Session on every first Sunday of the month. Click here to join. ❤




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya