2 min readFeb 2, 2022


What it Really Means to Surrender

When I was studying abroad in my early twenties, I rented a car and drove alone on a highway towards a town I had never been to. This was in the early 2000s, when I still had no smart phone or GPS. I only had a hard copy map book to guide me. I had an idea where to head to but no idea how long exactly it would take.

After a few hours of driving on an empty highway, there was a sudden thunderstorm. The heavy outpour exuded darkness. Everything in front of me was 'gone’. All I could see was a grey fog all around me.

My car was still on a normal highway speed. I had no idea if I should slow down or even stop the car. There could be a vehicle in front of mine or behind. I didn't even know if the road ahead was a slope or a narrow path.

Despite the uncertainties, I remember feeling totally calm all the way. There was no panic, no worry, no fear. Total peace.

In a few moments I saw two blinking hazard lights in front of me. I gathered that must be the rear of a car and so I used the light to guide my speed and direction.

After quite awhile of following the light, it became sunny and bright again. I was now on a dry, bright and clear highway. Yet I couldn't see any car in front of me. Where did the car go? Or were the light not coming from a car?

When I looked back and recalled this incident, I realized it was indeed a divine intervention. Anything could have happened especially if I panicked.

This incident resembles what surrendering to the flow of life looks like.

Surrendering requires total faith. Total faith is reflected in total peace and tranquility. It is a state of letting go, letting God or the universe, the Force, or the Light, or Life or whatever you call it; take the lead instead of interfering, believing that our fate depends totally on our mental-based actions and decisions.

Does that mean we should not take action or make any decision? No. It means, by surrendering and while surrendering, we will always be guided on when we should take action and what decision(s) need to be made.

When decisions are made in a state of neediness to gain or escape, they tend to manifest in energy drain, both physical and emotional.

When you live in total faith, you will always be in a calm state no matter what happens in your world. And that’s because you know in your heart, that even when the road ahead is not clear, life will always bring you to where you are meant to be.




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya @emohealing.com