What are “Entities”?

3 min readDec 10, 2020

In your first Clearing Report, I would describe entities as a long due unresolved emotions and traumas that have taken the form of accumulated energies. These accumulated energies are emotions being formed into energetic particles, carrying all memories, thoughts and feelings associated with the original trauma or emotional incident.

Entities have their own lives: human bodies or physical places and objects being their residence; and negative emotions and electrical energies being their food. In other words, they live in or with you and feed on your emotions and/or electrical energies. (Our emotions carries energies just like electricity. That’s how it affects our health and wellbeing).

Entities can be dissolved through the power of intention and ascending one’s own level of consciousness.

They can also be dissolved by being in places of higher (positive) energies or around people with higher energies. However, this always happened unconsciously. I mean, nobody would want to meet some people specifically to dissolve their own entities but in principle, that’s how it works: higher energies dissolves lower energies.

Entities can be very old — in fact it continues to grow forever as long as they are being fed. When the body (the residence of the entities) dies, they will stay attached to the soul. If the body has its multiplies or separate parts i.e. children or spouse, the entity follows where the blood goes. It breeds as you breed, and it mates as you do. The oldest entities (at individual level) that I usually come across are about 14–16 generations old. It could be in the hundreds or thousands or millions of generations.

The good news is, as our planet is rising in consciousness, there have always been some children who have come to break the nesting of entities. The depth of challenge would look just like what you would see in a typical rags to riches story where one child or family member broke the cycle of poverty through hard work.

Types of Entities

I would usually only indicate the number of entities in the reports and the types of emotions they carry (and feed on). But when I do detection and clearing, I would go to the details of the level or type of entities, and clear them by their type.

The different types of entities I have come across include spirit attachments, demons and devils. These are all entities; same category, but in different rank or degree.

The most important thing about dealing with entities is to not be afraid of it, and to not anxiously resisting or trying to avoid it. The way is to continuously work on ascending your own consciousness. The purpose of life is to grow. There is no such thing as having reached the highest state and having nothing else to do in life except enjoying it and be happy. There is always work to do, and entities are one of the many obstacles we human create to help us ascend higher and higher in consciousness…




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya @emohealing.com