Vision Quest: When You Get An “Impossible” Physical Remedy

5 min readOct 30, 2020

If you have been engaging me for remote emotional clearing, you may have come across some “strange” suggestions showing up as physical remedies in your report.

Some remedies don’t always make sense at all in the beginning but when you follow it, you may later find some resonance.

I get that too since I have also been doing clearing for myself. My first ever funniest and bizarre physical remedy was ‘to watch a P. Ramlee movie’!

It sounded absolutely weird and ridiculous at first, but I really wanted to find out why it showed up so I watched it anyway. Halfway through the movie, I suddenly had an insight that solved an issue I was struggling with at that time.

A few years following that, another “weird” remedy showed up. This time, it was Vision Quest.

What’s Vision Quest? describes Vision Quest as a “supernatural experience in which an individual seeks to interact with a guardian spirit, usually an anthropomorphized animal, to obtain advice or protection.”

I had no desire to interact with any spirit — human or animal. It just didn’t sit well with me. So I ignored it. (Note: It’s important to exercise your freewill when being shown a remedy. Yes, what showed up was exactly Vision Quest, but it doesn’t mean it has to be the exact tribal practice as defined by Britannica). But my curiosity propelled me into finding out why VQ appeared as a remedy.

After some digging, I gathered that the main idea was for me to spend some days alone in nature, fasting from food and thoughts. I didn’t understand why I would need solitude. I had been living in a very peaceful home. I didn’t need to break or run away from anyone or anything.

Nevertheless, as impossible as it may sound, I prepared myself for the quest: I marked three days off my calendar during the school holidays, bought a tent and planned to stay alone for three days and three nights at the beach. :D

Guess what happened? I didn’t do it. I KIV-ed the matter forever.

From time to time, my mind presented a thousand “logical” excuses to assure me that this was not only crazy, but impractical and utterly selfish.

How can I survive three days and three nights alone? How could I leave my children behind? What about my work and other responsibilities?

Not forgetting that most popular destructive thought: “What would people think of me?”

Eventually, the idea faded away and the ‘Vision Quest’ remedy never materialised. “It was just a physical remedy anyway”. So I moved on and live happily but not ever after.

The idea never entirely disappeared though. Every now and then I would see, hear, and feel nudges in my heart, asking me to go back to Vision Quest. Each time I brushed it off as not practical, I was nudged even harder. This entire episode lasted for nearly two years.

So I started to re-comtemplate this “impractical” remedy and realized that the only impractical thing in this VQ is that part of having to literally sit in nature alone for a few days. As I contemplate every excuse that had been holding me back, I realised I could simply start with whatever I was able to do at the moment.

After several rounds of dowsing, it was clear what I had to do. My version of Vision Quest would entail mainly fasting: from food and drink; social medias, and handphone.

The first would be easy to do, but not so when all of your family members are eating all your favourite food everyday in front of you.

The second one, social media, was the easiest because I had subconsciously prepared myself for this.

The third one, when it became clear that my phone had to be the next, I thought this was the craziest thing in the whole wide world to do. But I was wrong. Events and circumstances unfolded thereafter before my eyes, to show me how I was wrong.

One of them was when I stumbled upon an article where the author described how he had experimented being phone-less and he felt more alive and focused. That woke me up from decades of illusion. All the memories from my past life where I survived without a mobile phone resurfaced one after another. It was like watching a slideshow presenting all the evidences against me, to show how life is workable and can be normal without a phone.

I had survived my secondary and tertiary school years in the 90s without a smart phone. My mother let me take the public bus alone for the first time when I was 9 without a phone. I was lost while driving in a foreign land for the first time, alone in a car, with no GPS whatsoever, and without any phone. How did I survive?

Of course in this age, a phone is necessary. But we have all been duped into thinking that we needed a smartphone as if our life depends on it. Possessing and using it is not the problem. Over-dependence, attachment and obsession are the problem. And the latter was my problem. Despite not being active and having no social media addiction problem, I had an obsession to my browser app, the search engine. I would search about everything I wanted to know even though I knew I didn’t have to know everything.

I had also been frustrated with the new world development that caused my children to have to share my phone because they needed to connect with their teachers and friends during the Circuit Breaker (aka lockdown). Little did I know that my phone had turned into “public property” to actually prepare me for VQ.

There was only one other thing that remained unresolved before I finally made a jump to being phone-less. It was the people I regularly chat with via my phone. I didn’t want these people to think I was trying to dump them when I was actually anxious about no longer having the opportunity to chat with anyone anytime I wished.

But this was eventually resolved by the realization that I had in my circle, people who I knew would understand me. All the negative people in my life are no longer around me. Aaand I was right. When told what I was going to do, no one “interrogated” me. I received only understanding and love. For the past one decade, life had slowly unfolded into a quieter life for me. What other excuse do I have now to avoid VQ? :D

I have not embarked on a full VQ yet, but doing as much as I could to get close to it has already liberated me from some issues which I thought would have taken forever to resolve .

Sometimes the solution to our problem is right before our eyes but because we are too busy, or too lazy, we had to go through a long way to find it.

Have you ever found a strange remedy in your report? Was it impossible? :-)




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