Sound: Does It Heal You or Break You?

Think ‘goosebump’ and how a music or a beautiful music moved you.

Just like water, sound can move objects. Sound carries energy. Intention moves sound particles and water molecules through transmitting thoughts and emotions.

What does this mean?

It means sound can move not just our emotions, but “objects” within our bodies — cells, blood circulation, etc. It also means the sound we hear and the water we consume have an impact to our health and wellbeing depending on the type of energy they carry.

That explains how sound and water can heal you i.e. when a healing intention is transmitted into them.

When we talk about sound and water healing, what comes to mind would be the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, sound meditation, binaural beats, and the like. In religions as well as other ancient traditions, that would be mantras, liturgies, recitation of sacred texts, etc.

In the Muslim tradition, the adzaan or call to prayer and tarannum (reciting the Quran in melody and rhythm), and singing songs of praises and poetry such as the Qasidah Burdah practiced by some sects within the religion, are all considered by the adherents as healing or at least emotionally and mentally soothing — just like lullabies are soothing to babies’ ears.

Sound healing has been used by human across cultures, religions, and traditions since time immemorial. In the age where there was no musical instrument, human’s singing voices and the sound of nature or the sound of silence are the sound healing “modalities”.

If sound can heal, can it do the opposite?

Yes. Just like music either soothes or annoys you, sound can either heal or make you sick — either mentally, or physically or both.

Lyrics or melody don’t matter. What matters is the intention and the energy it carries. If it is something that you need, you will find it soothing or healing. When it is something you don’t need, you will feel indifferent or you can feel annoyed.

Sound can make you sick in the same way it causes you to heal or simply feel good.

I remember attending a youth religious education training in a mosque almost two decades ago. The trainer said music is harmful to the brain because the waves will stick in the head even when you have stopped listening to it.

He was right about how sound waves affect the body, but he was wrong by concluding that listening to music is harmful.

What is right is that sound moves “objects” in your body and mind. If the music comes from energy frequencies, then yes, it can make you sick. It is not even exaggerate to say that constantly listening to songs that carries low energy frequencies is a slow death especially for people who are already at a low point in their life.

If there’s no lyrics but the music is composed from a lower state of energy, then yes it can affect you. But the opposite is also true, if it comes from a higher vibe, the sound can affect your body positively.

When the sound echoes inside the head, it carries the energy and will change the “bad” in the cells, blood, or even in thought frequencies.

When the sound is in the external, it can affect and thus change the physical body, and the environment or a physical space. Of course this will not happen immediately.

In the classic Muslim ritual laws books, you would find “differences in opinions” with regard to whether a certain recitation or prayer should be read aloud or in silence. Some argued that the only reason for reading aloud is so that the congregation can hear the voice of the reciter or prayer leader. The entire literature of opinions largely centred around the physical aspects of rituals that it seems to bury the original role of ‘sound projection’:

When mantras are recited aloud, it affects all physical matter around it. When they are read in a low voice (very low such that only you can hear it with your inner ears), it affects everything internal, i.e. within your body: your cells, your blood circulation, your organs, your brains, everything.

When people recite together, like hundreds of people singing aloud in a concert with loud music— it literally moves members of the audience: not just their hairs stand up, their bodies will stand too; jumping and dancing to the beats.

Here’s the thing: for any sound to heal or break you, it doesn’t have to be melodious, it doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual. Just a parent nagging, or the sound of your partner complaining, or even simply talking, can either heal or break you.

Thus it really matters who you listen to every day of your life . Do the people you spend the most time with emit sound or voices [yes, including the sounds of burp, fart and snore] that uplift you or exhaust you?




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya

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Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya