Permission Healing

2 min readApr 6, 2018

Permission healing is an act of clearing a person’s energetic field by first asking for permission from the person’s higher mind or self, even if the person has already given mental and verbal consent.

A genuine healer will always ask for permission before touching anyone’s energy field; it is an etiquette of healing.

Apart from ethical reasons, it is an important step to take because there may be individuals who do not require healing due to various reasons.

Throughout my healing practice experience, very rarely do I encounter people who did not get a green light for me to do the healing. If I get a red light, it is often due to either one of the following reasons:

  1. The person has undergone a previous healing and is currently experiencing a healing crisis. Therefore, it does not make sense to interfere with a healing process or attempt to cure something that is already in the midst of recovery.
  2. The person needs to learn valuable lessons from the pain or problem they are facing. Hence, any attempt at healing will not have an effect.

This implies that permission from the higher self is all that is needed for the healing to take place. If someone else attempts to perform healing on you, they cannot do so unless your higher self allows it.

On the other hand, if you, as an embodied individual with a mind, do not grant permission for someone to perform healing on you — usually due to self-protection, fear, or anxiety about what is right or wrong — others can still send healing energy to you if that is what your soul desires and attracts.

The higher mind knows better and always seeks the highest good for you. Our normal mind is often tainted and obstructed by emotional thinking, ego, biases, etc. Therefore, the most logical and optimal way is to communicate with the original self, the higher mind, which is pure and free from all obstructions. (Read more about the higher mind here.)

Many clients have asked me to perform clearings for their loved ones, but they hesitate to approach or inform them, usually because they are unsure how to explain this unpopular and unconventional method of emotional clearing. In such cases, it doesn’t matter because the usual permission healing will always occur.

Usually, when someone discreetly requests healing for a family member, friend, or partner, it is an initial indication that the person’s higher self is guiding or inspiring them to take action on behalf of the individual. So whenever permission is sought, it has always been a yes from the higher self. This has been my consistent experience thus far.




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