Let Me Check With You

3 min readApr 6, 2018


Do you think when you ask a question about yourself from a healer or medium, the healer or medium will ask God on your behalf? This is not necessarily true, as least from what I gathered.

What is actually happening is they get connected to your higher self via their higher selves. Whatever is happening doesn’t really matter. What matters is the muscle testing technique works this way.

It is for the reason that some people do not know why and how exactly muscle testing works that they resort to believing that it must be the work of some external beings. This in turn caused others especially those who are tied to religious beliefs to accuse healers of using “dark energies” or “unlawful”, dangerous and harmful way to heal. Because they based it on the unknown.

I can’t speak for all healers in the world because I do not know about the psychic mediums or the energy healing modalities that depends on the “Third Eye” seeing, clairvoyance or clairaudience or those stuff. I personally don’t like those stuff and as much as possible will keep those who are obsessed with spiritual healing or psychic stuff out of my radar. The thing is, people will say what I do is the same as what they do. Eveything is energy, and when we are clearing or healing something we are dealing with energy. Right. So stick to the theory and just do it. There is no need to turn it into some sprititual or ritual activity. To me, this is a logical process if you believe in telepathy.

As mentioned many times in my articles, there is no such thing used by me in my healing practice. Whatever is used are all known. As in, I understand how and why it works. Our creative faculty is already sufficient for us to make use of to get what we need. There is no need to succumb to astral beings or extraterrestial powers to get what we want.

The problem with many people who fears anything other than religious healing is that they treat God or whatever they believe in as something of the external; something that is situated or comes from the outside, the without. Therefore, they believe anything that uses the “without” is dangerous except if specific names (determined by their beliefs) are invoked.

This is not true. God, or the one power that encompasses everything really encompasses everything. God is not just another “without”. What that means is that it is not something which is situated outside of us. Other things or people are outside of us. We can connect but they are not in us.

So when we are using muscle testing and our intention, we are tapping on our inner, higher mind; our original being that is connected directly to the highest power.

When I do a testing on you, a full body scan on you, who I am checking it with? Quick answer: I’m checking it with you. Getting all the answers from you. Well, not from the physical you but the you beyond your mind (the higher mind).

So when you ask me questions and I tell you to let me check for you, what it means was actually for me to check with you.




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya @emohealing.com