Becoming Whole vs ‘Being Vulnerable’

3 min readFeb 15, 2022


To become one means to be able to express and share all of you. You do not need to hide or suppress any part of your Self.

There is a fine line between choosing and needing.

Needing to show of yourself reflects deep unresolved emotional deprivation typically associated with feeling unheard or unseen. Many have to go through this ‘rebellion’ due to some childhood traumas. Healing is needed for this form of neediness.

Choosing where or to whom you want to express or share of yourself comes from freedom and freewill. Needing comes from fear.

When you choose who you want to open up to or what part of you that you are willing to share, it is not suppression or hiding. It is called, boundary setting. And when you share freely, it happens spontaneously without having to go through any doubt or a tough decision making process.

It is also called, putting things at their places.

It’s the same as business. If you have multiple businesses, it will be more profitable if your audience is targeted and grouped accordingly.

Who you want to show any part of yourself to, is totally up to your wisdom. Nobody should tell you who you should be or where you should show up.

Vulnerability is a neutral state. You don’t have to BE it. You don’t have to be vulnerable. Each and every living being and non-living thing is by default, vulnerable. Whether you allow it or not, it’s already happening. Especially in this age we live in, whereby everything and everyone is interconnected. We can control exposure only to a certain extent and there is nothing we can do about it. There is no point, therefore, to overthink things we can’t control.

Where attention goes, energy flows. If you focus on the need to be vulnerable in order to be who you are, then you are only attracting more of what you expect i.e. being harmed or attacked.

What you should focus on instead is which part of you need expression and need to be shared? And your inner wisdom will follow up with showing you where it is safe, or where your gift is much needed.

Those who are meant to benefit from your sharing will find you. Those who are not meant to benefit, will not find you or if they do find you, they will make their way out.

Choose where you want to be, choose who you want to attract, choose who you want to be with, without any fear or neediness. Allow yourself to choose and express yourself freely. Let others choose if they are going to find you, to stick with you, or to just be the passers-by.

The focus shall be inward. Which part of you have you not expressed or shared enough? Who would you like to share it with?




Knowledge and experiences on energy clearing by Shaya